smart BLOCK: 2013 Enrollment Agreement

Enrollment Agreement:

  1. You are enrolling in smart BLOCK, a special coolNYC program to study how Con Edison can improve electrical grid reliability by reducing the load demand on transformers in your area ("Events") on certain selected days. This new program expects to have approximately six (6) Events during the 2013 summer, but the actual number of Events may vary.
  2. The smart BLOCK program manager will make reasonable efforts to notify you prior to an Event, but Events may be conducted during the program period on an as needed basis to reduce the electricity load demand on your neighborhood block. Event notices will be sent by email to all program participants.
  3. During an Event, Con Edison will remotely increase the thermostat settings on your window air-conditioners so they turn on and off at a higher temperature, or they may cycle the air-conditioners in your area. The goal is to reduce your overall energy use, while keeping your home comfortable. You can opt-out (not participate) during any Event by manually changing the settings on your air-conditioner, but you will not receive the Event incentive described below if you do not participate in any Event(s).
  4. For participating in the program, setting up your smartAC kit (as verified by the program manager) and abiding by all of the smart BLOCK program rules, you will be able to keep your new smartAC kit and receive a $25 e-gift card from a national retailer for your overall participation in the program during the 2013 summer.
  5. You can also receive a $5 gift card (which may be in an e-gift format) for each Event that you fully participate in (without opting out) up to a total of $25 collectively for all Events. The maximum incentive that a smart BLOCK participant can receive is $50 for full participation in the 2013 summer program (including all Events).
  6. If you enroll in the smart BLOCK program but do not live in a designated smart BLOCK area, you will be enrolled in coolNYC and subject only to the terms and conditions of the coolNYC Enrollment Agreement. You will not receive the additional $5 per Event incentive that is associated with the smart BLOCK program.
By clicking "I Agree" below, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions in this Enrollment Agreement, that you understand them, and that you agree to be bound by them.