We did it!

Thanks for a great third year of the coolNYC program.
Here's a closer look at summer 2013.

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A/Cs account for approximately 25% of the grid load during the summer months.

That's a lot of power!

There are 6.5 million A/Cs in NYC.

When it gets really hot, they work overtime to keep the city cool.

Thanks to you, we've been able to manage the load more effectively.

This has been our biggest year so far, with over 5,200 participants.

...and we keep growing.

Our community expanded

this year!






All of NYC got involved.

Where does the coolNYC community live?

On June 17th, we started shipping out product.

Our installation team travelled all over the city helping set up.

...and we were ready!

With the product in place,
we were prepared to call conservation events.

During a conservation event, A/C temperatures are raised slightly.

This small change goes a long way to reduce strain on the grid.

Near the end of July, a heat wave hit the city.

Temperatures were in the upper 90s and the projected grid load was above 96% all week long.

Total participants

5, 205

Best event reduction


* 7/16/13 Conservation Event

Hours of conservation

30 h

With the grid under so much stress, conservation events were called five days in a row.

The results were phenomenal!

We hope you liked other convenient features of the product.

This summer we saved a lot of energy, stabilized the grid, and helped make NYC a better place.

Thanks to everyone who participated in coolNYC 2013.

Let's make summer 2014 even better!

Stay cool.

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For more info and to sign up, visit coolnycprogram.com