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Due to limited supply, enrollments are closed for Summer 2014. To be first in line for coolNYC next year, please fill out the information below. We will reach back out to you when enrollments begin next April to confirm your interest. Your information will not be shared with third-party vendors and will be kept strictly confidential.

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Are you a Gamer? Want the chance to earn large rewards?

This summer we’re introducing a limited program that will reward program participation with the chance to win up to $500! Participants can even play our new mobile game, coolNYC2048, to boost their chances to win.

(Only the first 200 people to sign up and set up their smartAC kits will be able to participate. Some participants may receive less than $25. Research and development for the coolNYC2048 program was conducted with partners at Cornell University.)

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Enrollment Agreement

coolNYC: 2014 Enrollment Agreement

Enrollment Agreement:

  1. I understand that I am enrolling in coolNYC, a program that will provide me with a device that will allow me to better control my window or through-the-wall air-conditioner energy use. I have one or more window or wall air conditioners in my apartment and a computer with access to the Internet through a broadband (FIOS, cable, or DSL) connection.

  2. By agreeing to participate in the coolNYC program, I will receive a smartAC kit. After I install the devices in this kit, I will be able to control and monitor my air-conditioners using the Internet and my computer or smart phone (iPhone or Android). The smartAC kit includes one or more modlets (smart plugs) to be installed on my air-conditioner(s), a smartAC thermostat(s) and a wireless receiver that will plug into my home computer or a gateway device that will connect to my Internet service (collectively called the "smartAC System").

  3. I will install the smartAC System myself or obtain assistance, at no cost, from ThinkEco, a company under contract with Con Edison to provide customer service during the coolNYC program duration.

  4. I understand that one purpose of this program is to help Con Edison understand how coolNYC program participants manage their air-conditioner electricity use, particularly during certain times ("Events") during the summer period (typically, June through September) on certain days selected by Con Edison. Con Edison expects to have three to five Events during the 2014 summer for about five hours per Event. I understand that I will be notified by an email message prior to an Event and will also have access to a website to receive notice of such Events.

  5. I understand that during an Event, Con Edison will remotely increase the thermostat settings on my window air-conditioners so that they turn on and off at a slightly higher temperature. The goal is to reduce my overall energy use, while keeping my home cool. I will be notified a day in advance of any Event and can opt-out (not participate) in any such Event. I can opt-out either before or during the Event.

  6. I understand that it is my responsibility to manage my electricity consumption for my air-conditioners and all of the other energy-using devices in my house, including any charges that I may incur for such use.

  7. I understand that Con Edison will collect Information about my air conditioners' operation through the smartAC System. "Information" includes, among other things, energy use, the times when Events occurred, and whether or not I participated in the Event.

  8. If I participate in the program, set-up the smartAC System, and abide by all of the coolNYC program rules, I will be able to keep the smartAC System. In addition, I will receive a $25.00 gift card from a national retailer (which may be issued in an electronic or physical format), as determined by Con Edison and/or ThinkEco, for my participation in the program during the 2014 summer.

    However, if I volunteer to participate in the “coolNYC 2048 Contest” and I’m selected by ThinkEco as one of the limited two-hundred (200) participants, then I will not receive a $25.00 gift card from a national retailer as my incentive. Instead, my incentive from the coolNYC program will be based solely upon my participation in the “coolNYC 2048 Game Promotion” for which I may be eligible to receive prizes (in the form of gift cards) in random drawings based upon the amount of hours that I participate in Events and the scores that I’m able to achieve playing the coolNYC 2048 Game as described in more detail in the Official Contest Rules found here. I understand and agree that I may receive less than $25.00 of value by participating in the “coolNYC 2048 Game Promotion” and I have voluntarily chosen to forego the typical coolNYC incentive. The prizes that I may become eligible for in the “coolNYC 2048 Game Promotion” will be based upon my participation (measured by hours) in the Events and the scores that I achieve playing the coolNYC 2048 Game. I acknowledge that there is no guarantee that I will be randomly selected as a winner of a prize in any of the drawings associated with this promotion.

  9. I understand that I am responsible for setting up my smartAC System equipment (by myself or, where I am installing more than one smartAC device, through an appointment with a ThinkEco technician) by July 31, 2014. I understand that where I am installing only one smartAC device, I will not be offered the option for an installation appointment with a ThinkEco technician. Where I opt to install the smartAC System equipment myself and/or where I am not installing more than one smartAC device, I must provide ThinkEco with credit card information during the sign-up process. By submitting my credit card information to ThinkEco, I authorize ThinkEco to verify that my credit card account continues to be valid and active by charging, and thereafter immediately crediting, a small sum (approximately $1.00) to the applicable card.

  10. I understand and agree that where I do not; (a) set-up my smartAC System equipment; (b) have my smartAC System equipment installed by a ThinkEco technician; or (c) return my smartAC System equipment to Think-Eco in perfect working order, by July 31, 2014, the credit card that I provided during the sign-up process will be charged a fee of either $139.99 (if I have a USB version) or $244.99 (if I have a gateway version) for each modlet® that I received. ThinkEco will not seek any additional authorization from me prior to assessing this charge on my credit card. To return the smartAC System equipment, I can access an online form or email ThinkEco directly to receive a return label. I understand that if I have not installed or returned the smartAC System equipment by July 31, 2014, ThinkEco will attempt to contact me over several weeks through email, telephone calls, and/or postal mail to notify me of the impending charge.

In consideration for use of the smartAC System, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I will exercise the same reasonable care over the smartAC System and equipment that I exercise over equipment that I own, and will return the smartAC System equipment if requested to do so by Con Edison or ThinkEco. I will not purposefully damage or alter any of the smartAC System equipment entrusted to me.

  2. I will install modlets, or allow modlets to be installed, on at least one (1) window or wall air-conditioner that I regularly use to cool my home.

  3. If I choose not to set up the smartAC System myself, I will provide a ThinkEco technician with access to my home at a pre-scheduled time to set it up for me.

  4. I will keep my air-conditioner plugged into the modlet and allow the smartAC System to be connected to the Internet through the wireless receiver attached to my computer or gateway device. I will maintain an account with the company that presently provides this Internet connection, or with another provider of an Internet connection, throughout my participation in this program. If I change Internet providers, I will notify ThinkEco customer service at 1-800-682-0152.

  5. I will answer all questions and surveys that either Con Edison or ThinkEco presents to me, to the best of my ability, during my participation in the coolNYC program.

  6. I agree to allow Con Edison, ThinkEco or a third party under contract with Con Edison to have access to, collect and analyze Information collected by the smartAC System installed in my home. I understand that my individual Information will not be made publicly available by Con Edison, ThinkEco or a third party under contract with Con Edison, but it will be grouped and analyzed anonymously along with Information from other program participants, and the anonymous, aggregated results may be made public. However, I understand that Con Edison, ThinkEco, or a third party under contract with Con Edison may disclose my individual Information if compelled by law to do so. Unless Con Edison, ThinkEco, or a third party under contract with Con Edison is prohibited by law from doing so, they will provide me with immediate written notice of any requirement that they disclose my individual Information before they disclose the Information so that I may seek a protective order or other appropriate remedy.

  7. If the smartAC System is not working (as indicated by my coolNYC user account information), I may be contacted by ThinkEco (by phone, email, or other means) to have my equipment repaired or replaced. If I have a problem with any part of the smartAC System, I will promptly notify ThinkEco at 1-800-682-0152 within a reasonable amount of time. I will provide the ThinkEco technician with reasonable access to my home to repair or replace all or part of the smartAC System that is not working.

  8. If I have any questions about the coolNYC program or the operation of any of the equipment, I will call ThinkEco customer service at 1-800-682-0152, or send an email to:

  9. If at any time I decide to not participate in the coolNYC program anymore, or if I plan to move from the address where the smartAC System is installed during the May to October 2014 portion of the program, I will contact ThinkEco customer service at 1-800-682-0152 to arrange to return, in good condition, all of the smartAC System equipment to ThinkEco.

By clicking "I Agree" below, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions in this Enrollment Agreement, that you understand them, and that you agree to be bound by them.

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