• About the modlet smartAC kit

    • What is the modlet?

      The modlet is the modern electrical outlet that allows you to save energy and money on your plugged-in electronic devices, and conveniently turn them on/off from your smartphone or any browser. The modlet plugs right into your existing outlet and communicates wirelessly with your home computer so you can remotely track how much energy your devices consume and also set schedules for turning your devices off and on. The modlet is designed to be simple to use and install, so anyone with a computer can set one up on their own.

    • What is the modlet smartAC thermostat?

      The modlet smartAC thermostat was specially designed to work with the modlet to smarten your window air conditioner unit. The smartAC thermostat works much like a home thermostat for a central air conditioner system. The thermostat communicates with your modlet to turn your air conditioner on and off based on your desired room temperature, and allows you to control the units remotely from your smart phone or computer.

  • How the modlet smartAC kit helps window air conditioners

    • How do the modlet and smartAC thermostat help me save energy?

      There are two ways the modlet can be used to control when your air conditioner is on or off: time and temperature. First, you can use the computer-based software to set a schedule for your air conditioner. For example, you may want your window air conditioner to turn on 30 minutes before you arrive home and then turn off shortly after you go to bed. Second, you can program a target temperature for your room using the smartAC thermostat. The thermostat will monitor your current room temperature and turn your window air conditioner on or off to maintain your target temperature. For example, you may want to make sure that the room isn't too uncomfortably hot for your pet during the day while you are at work. Together, these features of the modlet and smartAC make sure your home stays cool but that your window air conditioner is only on when you need it to be.

    • Can I control my air conditioner remotely?

      Yes! There are free smartphone apps available for iPhone and Android.

    • What if I already have a remote for my window air conditioner?

      The smartAC thermostat is designed to work alongside or in place of your existing remote to enhance your ability to control your window air conditioner. You may choose to use the smartAC thermostat exclusively so you get remote-control access to your window air conditioners that you never previously had. Or you may choose to continue using your regular remote to control the temperature and fan speed, but rely on the smartAC thermostat to set on/off schedules. The choice is yours.

  • Getting a modlet smartAC kit

    • How do I get a modlet and a smartAC thermostat?

      If you are a Con Edison customer or have gotten an email invitation from the coolNYC program, you can follow the link in the email or sign up here to get a modlet and smartAC thermostat. Everyone else will be able to purchase their modlet smartAC kits from Amazon.com when the weather gets warmer, so please check back then.

  • About the coolNYC program

    • What is coolNYC?

      Now in its third year, coolNYC is a program that enables Con Edison customers in the New York City area to participate in an exciting load reduction and management program, so that you can better control your window air conditioner energy use. As part of the program, participants will receive a $25 thank you gift at the end of the summer in the form of an e-gift card.

    • What is demand response (conservation events) ?

      Demand response is a program where participants like you can help conserve electricity during periods of peak usage, such as on a hot summer day. By lowering demand during peak times, program participants help utilities manage their resources better, which will improve the way electricity is delivered and used. This makes our grid cleaner, safer, and more reliable and efficient for all customers.

    • How does demand response help me?

      By participating in a demand response program, you'll immediately benefit from the program perks, which include financial incentives and free or reduced-cost equipment to help you manage your energy use. But most importantly, by reducing your energy use during times of peak demand, you help ensure that ther's enough electricity to go around when everyone needs it most.

    • How is demand response used in the coolNYC program?

      During a conservation event for coolNYC, your window air conditioners will turn on and off at a slightly higher thermostat setting, but in a way that keeps your home sufficiently cool. You'll be notified a day ahead of all events, and you always have the choice to opt out of an event. Most summers, there is a need for just 3-5 demand response events.

    • Are there incentives to participate in demand response?

      Yes. You'll receive a free or reduced-cost smartAC kit which will enable you to monitor and control your window air conditioner(s) from your smartphone or internet-enabled computer. Additionally, a thank you gift valued at $25 will be given to each participant at the end of the program.

  • Signing up for coolNYC

    • How do I sign up?

      If you are a Con Edison customer or have gotten an email invitation from the coolNYC program, you can follow the link in the email or sign up here to get a smartAC kit.

    • What is your privacy policy?

      The coolNYC team takes privacy protection very seriously. Data collected during this program will be kept anonymous and personal information will be kept confidential. Additionally, we will never sell your personal information to a third party. Any written or verbal communication from ThinkEco to you will be in reference to the coolNYC program. To see our complete policy please visit: www.thinkeco.com/Main/Privacy.

    • Whom do I contact if I have any more questions?

      For more information, please contact [email protected] or call us during regular business hours (8AM - 7PM, Monday - Friday) at 1-800-682-0152.

  • smart BLOCK program

    • What is smart BLOCK?

      The coolNYC smart BLOCK pilot is a small-scale study within the coolNYC program designed to help better understand how targeted energy conservation events may help the local grid.

    • Who can participate?

      The smart BLOCK pilot involves parts of the Glen Oaks and Bellerose neighborhoods. Eligible households have been sent information in the mail. Even if you are not eligible for smart BLOCK, you can still participate in coolNYC!

    • How is smart BLOCK different from coolNYC?

      smart BLOCK participants use the same smartAC kits that the coolNYC program uses, but conservation events are determined by the local grid load rather than the system-wide load. Because conservation events depend on the local grid load, smart BLOCK participants may be given a shorter notice period, but participants will still be able to opt out of a conservation event at any time.