How does coolNYC work?

By connecting to the coolNYC platform through a Wi-Fi enabled AC or smartAC kit, you will be able to participate in coolNYC Events, which occur during times of high electricity usage and typically coincide with very hot days.

During a coolNYC Event, the coolNYC program may turn your AC on and off periodically or change your AC to a slightly higher thermostat setting to reduce power usage. Events typically last for 4 hours and usually occur between 3 and 5 times per summer. You will receive notifications based on your preferences in advance of each event.

By participating, you are doing your part to ensure the reliability of NYC’s electric grid. You will earn rewards and have opportunities to win prizes for your participation!

How to participate!


Participate in coolNYC using a smartAC kit. You can connect your AC(s) to Wi-Fi using a modlet and thermostat remote. Then control your AC from anywhere using a free app on your smartphone. You can set schedules and keep your home at a comfortable temperature without keeping the AC on when you are not home. coolNYC members can earn rewards for participating.


If you already own a Friedrich Kühl AC and have a FriedrichLink Wi-Fi Adapter, all you need to do is login to your account here and go to your Energy Management tab to enroll in coolNYC. If you have a Friedrich Kühl AC but do not have a FriedrichLink Wi-Fi Adapter, you’ll need to purchase one to join the coolNYC program. coolNYC members can earn rewards for participating.


If you have a Frigidaire Cool Connect AC and have registered an account for the Frigidaire app, you can sign up for the coolNYC program. coolNYC members can earn rewards for participating.

What is a smartAC kit?

A smartAC kit includes a modlet BN and a thermostat remote to control it. The modlet is a modern electrical outlet that allows you to conveniently control your AC remotely from your computer or smartphone and measure your energy use – it makes your AC smart!

What are coolPoints?

CoolNYC uses coolPoints, a currency that is earned through the coolNYC rewards platform. coolPoints can be redeemed for gift cards at a variety of stores. To view and manage your coolPoints, log into your rewards account here. Every 1,000 coolPoints is worth $1.

How am I helping NYC?

Did you know that there are over 6 million window air conditioners in New York City? On very hot days, all these ACs can put strain on our electric grid. When you participate in a coolNYC Event, you join a community of New Yorkers working together to keep everyone cool this summer.